5 Features That Will Make Your Web Site Stand out from the Crowd

Web sites are becoming more important than they ever have been before.  Since there are over 1 billion active Web sites on the planet today, having a site that stands out from the rest can sometimes prove to be difficult to accomplish.  But while designing a spectacular, attention-grabbing Web site can seem like a daunting task, it is well worth to undertake it.


Go Mobile

In this day and age of mobile devices, people love to look things up online while on the go.  People should be able to access your Web site whenever they want to, wherever they are.  You will want your Web site to be easily accessible and displayed well by cell phones and tablets.  Another thing to keep in mind is that adding alternative text to your site makes it accessible to more Internet-goers.  Captions for and text equivalents of images ensure that everyone is able to enjoy your site.  By doing these things, you will increase your Web site’s accessibility.


Be Daring

You can catch visitors’ eyes by having a brilliant visual design or simply by daring text.  Certain headlines, such as an impressive guarantee, incredible offer, or bold phrase, can make a site visitor momentarily stop in their tracks; however, be sure that you are able to live up to these statements before you proclaim them.  The logo is one of the very first things that a site visitor sees — at least, it should be.  An artistic logo with a striking design can definitely leave an impression.  Put thought into and spend time on creating the perfect logo for your business.


Utilize Multimedia

Another tip is to try displaying information through various multimedia, such as infographics, videos, images, slideshows, and FAQs (frequently-asked-questions).  While some information may look the best in paragraph form, other information may be best presented in a fun or interesting way.


Be Different

When it comes to the visual design and layout of a Web site, think outside the box!  Sometimes it can be tempting do to what everyone else is doing; however, it is the creatively innovative Web sites that can leave a long-lasting impact on visitors.


Be Navigable

Having a number of pages that informs visitors about the products or services offered and helps them become more familiar with your business overall can earn you trust and loyalty; however, do not go overboard with Web pages.  Vast Web sites can overwhelm some visitors.  If you  have a large Web site, a site map is important to have because it clearly depicts the layout of the site.  It comes in handy for lost visitors.