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Must-Have Features

Responsive Design

Each and every site is mobile-friendly, with flexible, responsive design across devices.

Easy To Use

Make updates to site content anywhere, anytime. We provide maintenance if you need it.

Digital Forms

Contact forms, quote requests, and employment applications encourage online submissions.

Training & Support

Launch and maintain a successful web presence with the right training and ongoing support.

Search Optimization

We include essential SEO details in every website for proper indexing across search engines.

Website Security

SSL Certificates are key to security. Advanced firewalls and automatic back-ups protect files.


Carefully crafted designs to reflect your brand and showcase your business.  Customer satisfaction is our priority — so we provide alternate designs when necessary, at no extra charge.

Features include image enhancement, stock photography, animations, slideshows and other great content presentation methods to make your products and services shine.


Why Serpentine?


Save time and money with the content management training to make your own updates.

Free Consultations

We want to answer all of your questions and take the time to fully understand your business.

Quick Turn-Around

We have the experience and skills to develop high-quality websites efficiently and on-time.

Accessible Design

(ADA) Accessibility features are essential for clients required to meet current regulations.

Guaranteed Work

We stand by the quality of our work and will always go the extra mile for our customers.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible payment terms, monthly web plans and custom packages to suit any project.


New products are launching across the web each day. If you have a retail storefront or sell your own products in-person, expanding to an online store can provide valuable revenue and keep your business relevant in the modern marketplace. Stripe & PayPal integration available.



Convert patient registration forms, quote requests and many other common business forms into a digital format that encourages higher online submissions.

Secure online employment applications save Human Resources time, resources and paperwork. All applications are mobile-friendly and can easily be completed from anywhere, across devices.


Powerful Web Hosting

The load time of a website matters, as does the underlying web server hardware and configuration. Without a solid web hosting solution, websites and the companies they represent can experience slowness, excessive down-time and a host of other common issues.

Hosting Features:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Software updates & management
  • Automatic back-up of database & files
  • Super fast SSD drives
  • Security monitoring

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