Building the Perfect Logo

Logo Design projects can be fun and exciting–although building the perfect logo can include a few challenges along the way. We enjoy working with clients to plan, define and produce a professional logo for their business.

As a “first impression” to potential customers, we expect many things from this company trademark: Visual Appeal,  Accurate Representation–and last but not least–it should be Easy to Recognize. Knowing how your new logo will be used is also very important for the design. Will you be printing small promotional items, such as pens or buttons? Large signs or banners? These are among the types of questions we will cover during the planning of a new logo.

Finding Inspiration

Initially, we spend time discussing ideas and perspective, as well as gathering any drawings, sketches, or other media from our clients. Some clients already have a clear idea of what they are looking for and just need to polish the image into a final design for Web and Print. In many cases, our clients are looking for completely new ideas and we are happy to oblige!

Fortunately, we can find inspiration in many places, including a client’s website, their industry, a business location, a corporate mission or culture, and current graphic design trends. To ensure our clients can truly reach their ideal new logo–we develop three logo concepts during the initial stage of the project.


Revisions and Further Definition

With three new concepts depicting a spectrum of style, composition, color schemes and orientations–we continue working toward a finalized design based on the elements clients appreciate the most. This stage is flexible and transitional as we continue communicating and refining the idea into a final graphic. Occasionally, additional concepts may be needed to explore other styles or fonts.


Polishing and Finalization

As we enter the final phase of a logo design project, the overall layout and composition is well-established. We may complete a few minor adjustments and tweaks to polish up the design and add any small enhancements. The final logo design is complete and you are ready to begin using your new business image!