Decoding the QR Code

QR Codes have been infiltrating print and web advertisement for some time now, yet this particular marketing trend has remained somewhat mysterious to some who are perhaps only now venturing into the realm of the smartphone.  Here we explore QR Codes to better understand where they came from, how useful they have become, and perhaps where they may go next.

What Can a QR Code contain?

The information stored in a QR code can be accessed from a Smartphone running a QR Reader. The most common type of information people access in this manner, are urls or web addresses. Generally, a QR code is associated with a particular brand,, product or service. Reading the code automatically visits the stored address to reveal additional details about the item of interest. As this technology evolves, the QR code has expanded to include storage of bank account data, website login credentials, and a number of industrial and commercial applications.

How can we use them to market our business?

For small businesses, the QR code can be an interactive extension of your marketing materials. Place one on your business card to make transferring your contact details quick and easy for clients. Or add one to a catalog and bring visitors directly to your e-commerce store.  Here are a few other popular applications:

  • Product details
  • Contact details
  • Special Offers
  • Upcoming Events
  • Competition details
  • Coupons/Menus
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube